Kitten Osamu makes himself comfortable in shoes

Kitten Osamu makes himself comfortable in shoes

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The fluffy kitten Osamu lives with nine adult cats under one roof. But his favorite hiding place does not make him controversial quickly. Osamu did a couple of shoes in the video. It is actually a pencil case in the shape of a shoe, but for the mini-cat such details are of secondary importance. The main thing is that you can chuck in and enjoy cat life.

Whoops, the fluffy cat's head comes out of the shoe. Then kitten Osamu shows how great it can play and chews on a yellow toy. While two of his big cat buddies inspect the other shoe, Osamu relaxes in his cozy hiding place. The paws can also be cleaned in the cozy bed. Then the cheeky kitten decides that it's time to play, but alone is boring in the long run. So the rascal just jumps at his red cat friend, who really only wanted to lean against the wall in peace.

The two kitty get along quickly and sniff the shoe extensively before they make themselves comfortable in a box. But the most beautiful thing is still in his favorite shoes, says Osamu.

Cute cats show off their favorite shoes

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