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Stop the dog from hunting cats

Do you have a dog and a cat at home and they both get along well? There are no hunting scenes? No barking and hissing? Then you can count yourself lucky, because everyday life with dogs and cats under one roof is very different. Dog and cat are not always a heart and a soul - Shutterstock / Okeanas

It is usually the old predator-prey scheme: the dog chases the cat - the cat flees, hides and is afraid. As the owner, you can and should do something about it. First of all, the velvet paw must be protected. In the next step, the dog has to change its behavior.

Avoid hunting: immediate measures to protect the miez

Before you quit hunting your four-legged friend, you must protect your cat as a "victim" with simple means. Offer her enough retreat or safe places in the apartment. These are primarily those that your dog cannot reach. Raised places such as scratching posts or window sills protect your velvet paw from possible attacks. It is particularly important that your cat can eat in peace and go to the toilet - these activities must be stress-free. For bowls and litter boxes, choose a place that is taboo or inaccessible to your dog - for example, secured by a dog guard. In extreme emergencies, keep your cold mustache on.

Basically, you should always keep an eye on your dog and pay attention to the signs that indicate that a hunt is about to begin. This can be, for example, upright fur or drawn lips. Then distract him or show him that it is wrong for him to be aggressive towards the cat.

Communication: Bringing the cat and the dog together

Are cats and dogs naturally enemies? No! The only thing missing is the right communication. Dogs-…

Avoid chasing through hierarchy: cat must be higher

To avoid quarrels between cats and dogs, you should clarify the hierarchy at home. Often it is not enough that the dog regards the kitty as a pack member, he must know that she is hierarchically above him. It must be clear that it is not allowed to hunt the velvet paw or to suppress it in any way. You can organize the hierarchy with a few simple tips.

Pay close attention to your cat when you get home. The dog is only greeted second. The same applies to food: feed your room tiger first and then your dog. The same applies to treats. Your four-legged friend can only get treats if he has done something for it ("sit", "give paws", etc.), and after he has seen that your cat has received a treat. In the best case, your dog will recognize after a short time that the kitty belongs to the family and has a rank above it.

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