My dog only had one puppy and it died

My dog only had one puppy and it died

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My dog only had one puppy and it died when he was very young.

This really really makes me sad.

I can't stand it.

I really love my pets and want to make sure my kids have them as well.

Can you find the dead pups?

Can you save them?

The pups are pretty young, right?

Is there any chance that they're still alive?

Do you know what happened to them?

I wonder if they are alone and if they are crying.

It's really sad.

Can you do anything for them?

There's no way to know right?

I wonder if they like to play outside.

No idea.

I wonder if they feel lonely.

I am really worried.

I'm sorry.

They're so little.

I'm sad.

I wonder if they'll grow up.

I don't know.

What should I do?

Why can't I save them?

I hope you'll find them.

I hope you'll bring them back.

I hope the parents come back.

I hope they live.

They're so young.

I hope you know what to do.

I'm worried.

They're so tiny.

I hope they get to be big and healthy.

I'm scared.

I hope you'll know what to do.

Why are they dead?

This is so sad.

I wish I could help.

I'm so sorry.

They're so tiny.

I wonder what happened to them.


I can't imagine them as adults.

I am so sorry.

Why can't I save them?

What should I do?

I hope they can live.

I'm worried about them.

They're so small.

I'm sorry.

I wonder how they're doing.

I hope they don't die.

I hope you'll get them back.

### 3.1.3 Death Scenes

We were able to find only 10 instances of an explicit death scene. Of these, four were in novels, two in film, and one in TV. The one in the novel was from the book, The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, where the Death Commandos are hunting down Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist, with the intent of having her killed. Two of the death scenes in the movie were from The Fault in Our Stars, with the two mn characters, Hazel and Augustus, discussing their relationship, and the death scene that appeared in TV was from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, where the mn character, Detective David Sid, gets shot by the killer during a gunfight. In all the death scenes, there were a total of 10 children's names. Among the 10 instances of death scenes in our data, the most frequent name was Mary, being mentioned in 5 scenes, followed by the names David, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Katherine, and Mary, and the least frequent name, which appears in one scene each, was Benjamin.

Death scenes of children were mnly found in the novels, where children's deaths were described in the book. In the film, where scenes of children's deaths were found, the children were identified only by their first names. Moreover, most of the children were identified by their first names and surname, followed by a single name, surname, and an initial, whereas only one child's name was given by all. In TV, the children were mnly identified by their first names, and a few of them were also by their middle names.

[Table 3.2](#table3-1474474016679137){ref-type="table"} shows the distribution of the instances of death scenes of children. All of the books and most of the film had death scenes of children. Compared to the books, there were more children's deaths in the films. Moreover, we can see that there were more instances of deaths of children in TV than in the books and the films.

![The number of scenes and deaths of children in the three film versions of the book.](10.1177_1474474016679137-fig3){#fig3-1474474016679137}


The number of scenes and deaths of children.



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| | | A Death |

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