Tom Maru wears box as an accessory

He has already shown in many videos that Kater Maru loves boxes, boxes and bowls. But now the kitty has a new idea: she carries her beloved toy through the apartment like an accessory.

Why slip out of the box when you can wear it on your body like a piece of clothing? Tom Maru obviously has this idea too and at the beginning of the film shows once again how skillfully he can slip into packaging. He crawls in from the floor, or sticks his head in the box: the velvet paw is not unimaginative when it comes to maneuvering into a box.

Then Maru apparently no longer wants to brush his favorite toy off the fur again and again and he carries the piece of cardboard around a bit in the apartment. Even his animal roommate, cat Hana, is very fascinated and looks after her buddy with suspense - Maru knows how to impress.

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