Cole and marmalade provide clever tips for cat owners

Cole and marmalade provide clever tips for cat owners

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The two YouTube stars Cole and Marmalade are not only very cute, but also clever cats. In the video, together with their favorite person Chris, they give tips that make life easier for cat owners or make cats happy.

For example, cat hair can be easily removed from the scratching post or sofa with a rubber glove. Old toys that have become too boring for the kitty can be marinated in catnip and then arouse new interest. An old t-shirt and a cardboard box can be used to create a cozy cat cave in no time at all. If you want to promote your cat's intelligence, you can fill a disused plastic bottle with treats, screw the lid on, and cut a few holes in the bottle. The cats then have to try to get the treats by rolling the bottle back and forth.

Another fun game for cats is "Hit the mouse": you need a shoebox, scissors, a stick, some hot glue and a toy mouse. Cut holes in the lid and a large hole in the back of the box. Glue the toy mouse on the stick and you can let the mouse look out of the holes in the lid to train your cat's hunting behavior.

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