When Does Puppy Breath Go Away?

When Does Puppy Breath Go Away?

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Although puppies are cute and cuddly, their breath is often a force to be reckoned with. Often there's no need to panic, because the bad odor is usually due to the teething process that all pups go through. As your puppy matures his bad breath will go away.

About Puppy Breath

The teething process in puppies generally starts around the age of 3 months and can last up until the age of 8 months. During this time, your furry pal's puppy teeth fall out, starting with the incisors and canines in the front of his mouth and ending with the premolars and molars in the back of his mouth. In addition to discomfort, your pup's gums might bleed, making his mouth the perfect environment for bacteria to accumulate, which triggers the bad odor.


For good dental health and breath that's as fresh as dog breath can be, get your puppy used to having his teeth brushed every day. Use a dog toothbrush with a handle or a finger toothbrush, and always use veterinary-recommended dog toothpaste. Brush his teeth in a similar manner as you brush your own teeth. To ease your mind, take your puppy to a veterinarian to rule out health conditions, such as diabetes and kidney disease, that can also trigger bad breath.


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