Flying with a dog: This is how your darling survives the trip

Flying with your own dog is very stressful for four-legged friends and masters. Therefore, the plane is not necessarily recommended as a means of transportation for a trip. With a well-planned preparation, a few hours of flight can still be survived. Picture: Shutterstock / Cameron Cross

Traveling by plane is uncomfortable for every dog. Unusual noises, a strange environment and being alone make many four-legged friends afraid. Therefore, a thoroughly planned preparation for flying with a dog is urgently required when it comes to the well-being of your four-legged friend.

Flying with a dog: preparing for the trip

Important: It is essential to register an animal transport in good time. Most airlines require you to notify 24 hours in advance that you are flying with your animal partner. Where your dog travels on the plane depends on how big and how heavy he is. Smaller animals up to five kilograms, occasionally more, can usually be carried in the passenger compartment - here the guidelines of the airline decide. However, the dog must remain in a transport box for the entire flight, which in turn must not be larger than the permitted hand luggage. Unfortunately, large dogs are usually not allowed in the passenger compartment. There may be exceptions for assistance dogs. You can read more about this in the guide "Rules and guidelines for dogs on planes".

Make sure that your dog eats nothing in the hours before departure. How to prevent vomit on the plane. You should also use it well before the trip, ideally in the form of a long walk. Ideally, he can relieve himself again so that he does not feel the need to urinate during the flight.

Make the transport box tasty for the dog

Larger animals have to be transported in the cargo hold. Therefore, you should make sure that your four-legged friend can lie comfortably in it, especially when buying transport boxes. The better your companion is used to handling the transport box before departure, the less stress it means for your dog - so you should definitely familiarize your four-legged friend with the box and get him used to it. Tip: Put familiar items such as his blanket, your favorite toy or something with your smell in the box for the flight - this has a calming effect.

Dog transport boxes

Small, large, made of plastic or fabric: If you are looking for a transport box for your dog, you have ...

Airplane behavior: tips for flying with a dog

If the ticket is booked, your best friend can go on a long trip. Dry food can be eaten on a longer flight. When the flight is over, find out what the issuing office is called and where it is located in the airport building. Leave your best friend alone as long as necessary and take all important documents with you. Then nothing stands in the way of a carefree vacation in the distance.

Sedatives for the flight: yes or no?

Flying with a dog can be very stressful for them, as already mentioned. Some dog owners therefore use sedatives to make their dog's trip more bearable. These must have been recommended by the veterinarian. However, opinions are generally divided on this topic and most veterinarians advise against it - which is also correct. The preparations can cause extreme side effects and harm your dog's health. If an animal in the cargo hold is struggling with a circulatory collapse, for example, this can result in trauma. Talk to your vet about this.

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