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Cute Norwegian forest cat shows tricks

The fluffy Norwegian forest cat in the video is about to learn a few first tricks from her owner. The puschel is already very clever. No wonder that master is audibly proud of the velvet paw.

First, the Norwegian Forest Cat goes through a cat tunnel - and back again. Passed the test with flying colors! For the next trick, the kitty jumps on the ottoman and turns a few times in a circle. No problem! Then she jumps on the sofa (you just have to love the upholstery pattern) and back. Kinderspielchen! Finally, a treat is caught on the hind paws and then laid flat on the stool. Easy! It almost seems as if the tricks are too easy for the intelligent fur nose. Bravo!

Norwegian forest cat: character and behavior

The Norwegian Forest Cat is very popular - no wonder, because it is not ...

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