Homemade Pet Treat Jars

Homemade Pet Treat Jars

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Pets may not be picky about their treats, but that's no reason to give them stale snacks. And homemade jars make an ideal gift for any pet parent who appreciates the personal touch.

Glass vs. Plastic

The first decision when making a pet treat jar is whether to use glass or plastic. Health food stores, such as Whole Foods, sell specially formulated plastic containers designed not to leech chemicals into stored food. Your best bet for pet treat jars, however, may be glass. Thoroughly cleaned pickle jars or mason jars are ideal. Glass is non-porous, meaning it is naturally cleaner than plastic and does not break down chemically in hot dishwasher cycles. Glass also helps foods -- even pet snacks -- keep more of their real flavor.

Jars with Messages

If you're making gifts for pet parents, stencil personalized jars featuring each pet's name, or a cheery message such as "Good Dog." Sticker letters are easiest. Spell out the name or message you want on the jar and press the stickers on firmly. Brush a thick layer of etching cream over the design and let sit for 10 minutes. Rinse in warm water, peel off the stickers and wash the jar with soap and water.

Paint and Stencil Designs

If you're an artist, paint designs on your pet's jar of treats using glass paint. You can also buy or cut out stencil designs using paper or thin cardboard and Xacto knife and paint the stencil onto the jar. Chalkboard paint can help you make a cool-looking jar that pet parents will love. Chalkboard paint is especially handy if you're making treat jars for several pets because it allows pet parents to write in each pet's name or any other message they want.

Benefits of Treat Jars

Jars thwart the effects of moist air, which can make crunchy biscuits mealy or soft treats gummy. Make sure to use the right lids, as ill-fitting lids can lead to condensation inside the jar -- and that can lead to moldy jars and spoiled treats. Pet treat jars also keep snacky pets from rummaging through the cupboards in search of a stolen morsel. Clean and dry your jars regularly to help keep the treats inside their freshest.

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