Traveling by train with a dog: This makes the trip stress-free

Of course, the beloved four-legged friend should not be missing on a trip. Traveling by train with a dog is a good option for humans and animals. To ensure that the journey runs smoothly, you should note some helpful tips that let you and your friend arrive relaxed on four paws. Image: Shutterstock / Anneka

If you want to go on a journey but do not plan to travel by plane or car, you should consider the alternative train travel with a dog. Knowing how, four-legged friends and owners can relax while driving and reach their destination without complications.

General tips for traveling by train with a dog

Traveling by train with a dog is usually less stressful than any other travel option with your four-legged friend. Shorter routes are particularly pleasant for you and your animal companion, as the train is often air-conditioned and offers plenty of space to stretch out. Even more beautiful - and especially recommended for longer journeys - is a sleeping compartment for two people. But make sure to book the whole compartment, as your passengers might have something against dogs.

In addition, other rules apply to the train, which you and your fur nose should follow: During the journey, your dog must wear a muzzle, unless it belongs to a smaller breed. In addition, you should always have a leash with you. And so that your loyal companion does not have to go for a walk again right after the train journey, it is advisable to take an extensive walk two hours before the journey. You should not feed your dog twelve hours beforehand to avoid toilet emergencies.

Tip: At first glance, direct connections seem more practical, but they can be exhausting for the dog. Try a little detour. You can use the changeover time for some exercise, then your darling will not get restless so quickly.

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This makes the train journey even more relaxed

When traveling by train with a dog, it is not just a question of timely walking, but also of making your companion as comfortable as possible. Warning: If he is not used to driving in public transport such as buses, subways and the like, it is particularly important that you train these situations with him before the trip. Otherwise he gets scared and the stress level increases. Not a good starting point, because while your dog is shaking and crying, you not only have to take care of him, but also of the annoyed passengers.

It's easy to avoid with training. You should also take water and a suitable bowl with you. Especially on hot days, dogs have to drink as much as humans. If you want to make it more comfortable for your darling, take your favorite blanket or pillow with you over long distances. Here he can lie down very relaxed. Please not on the seat, but on the floor, preferably on the side facing away from the aisle, so that the busy operation does not interfere. Also pack treats as a reward.

Travel costs depend on the size

Small dogs travel for free with Deutsche Bahn. They must be placed in a transport basket that does not exceed the size of a carry-on suitcase and is placed on your lap or under the seat. For larger copies, half the fare is usually due.

It gets complicated when your companion drives with Bahncard holders or discounted groups. Tip: It is best to inquire at the ticket office or on the Internet about the exact conditions. Traveling by train with a dog is inexpensive and stress-free if you comply with all the rules and never leave your best friend alone.

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