Gentocin Durafilm & Dogs

Your pup is suffering from inflammation in his eye -- of course you want to provide him relief. Gentocin Durafilm is just one topical eye medication that your vet can prescribe to treat Cody's condition.

Antibiotic + Steroid = Relief

Gentocin Durafilm is one brand name of numerous topical eye treatments used to address a variety of eye conditions. It does double-duty as an antibiotic to treat bacterial infections and as a steroid to reduce inflammation in the area surrounding the eye. The Food and Drug Administration notes the active ingredients in Gentocin Durafilm are betamethasone acetate, a corticosteroid, and gentamicin sulfate, an antibiotic. Other commonly used antibiotics in topical eye medications include neomycin, bacitracin and polymyxcin B; hyrdrocortisone and dexamethasone are other steroids of choice. If Cody's having issues with his eyes, such as squinting, redness, discharge and swelling, the vet should check him to determine if an ointment will work and, if so, what the best choice is. The mix of antibiotics and steroids in eye medication requires a prescription from your vet. Use the medicine as directed and don't share it with other pets without checking with your vet because not all eye conditions respond the same way to this mix of medicines.

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