Easter gift ideas for your dog

Easter is just around the corner, and would you like to give your four-legged friend special little attention? We have put together four beautiful gift ideas with a little something extra for you. Easter gift ideas for your dog - Image: Shutterstock / Tracey Helmboldt

1. Easter bunnies to eat

Your four-legged friend is also looking forward to a special treat for Easter. These Easter bunnies made from liver sausage and light short pastry not only taste good for your dog, they are also healthy. A delicious alternative to the usual treats!

2. Easter bunny hunt for your four-legged friend

This cute plush monster bunny is a special gift for your dog. The little animal even has a voice for perfect hunting fun, and the seams are extra reinforced - so the bunny lasts longer than just the Easter days ...

3. Easter egg with extras

Intelligence toys for the holidays: The Easter egg for dogs holds a special surprise. Inside there are delicious snacks for your four-legged friend. He just has to get her out of the egg ...

4. Snack shoes deluxe

Nibbling on shoes is one of the favorite pastimes of many dogs. With these chewing shoes you can give your four-legged friend this special nibbling fun. Each shoe is made from about 20 grams of beef skin.

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