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First aid for dogs: wound care

If the dog has a wound while walking, at home or when fighting with a fellow animal, quick action can be worth its weight in gold. How to provide first aid before the veterinarian takes on further care. Clean, disinfect, connect: First aid for injuries - Image: Shutterstock / Javier Brosch

In order to be able to give the dog first aid in the event of an emergency, it is good to have a first aid bag at home. It is important that even small wounds are cared for. They too can ignite and be deeper than can be seen at first glance with the naked eye.

Carefully clean the wound

Even with a small wound, it is important to prevent dirt or foreign objects from getting inside. These can cause inflammation and complicate wound healing.
To keep the wound clean, carefully use scissors to cut the fur around the injured area - about one centimeter around the edge of the wound. In the meantime, protect the wound with a clean cloth to prevent cut hair from getting in the place.

Remove small foreign objects

If you find small foreign objects, such as leaves or thorns, in the wound, you should remove them with tweezers and wear as sterile gloves as possible, which are normally available in a first aid kit. Large foreign bodies must be left in the wound and removed by the veterinarian.

Disinfect the injured area

If there is any wound disinfectant in your first aid kit, gently dab the wound with it and use a lint-free cloth to help. Sterile saline is also good for this - if neither is available, carefully clean the injury with lukewarm water. Even if it is meant well, you should not put ointments or creams on the wound. The veterinarian decides whether and which are suitable for this.

First aid for dogs: equipment for emergencies

Whether accident, tick bite or illness: An animal emergency often happens faster than the veterinarian ...

See a veterinarian

A gauze compress or pressure bandage ensures that no dirt gets into the wound while you visit a veterinarian - the veterinarian should take care of the further treatment because he can examine exactly how deep and severe the injury is and which treatment methods are now necessary.

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