Animal colossi: the largest land animals

Animal colossi: the largest land animals

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The animal world offers us an almost infinite variety of fascinating creatures. But what are the largest land animals on our planet? In the picture series we show six animal giants measured by weight. Giraffe: 1.4 tons and up to four meters tall - Image: Shutterstock / meunierd

Elk: weighs 800 kilograms after all - Image: Shutterstock / NancyS Water buffalo: weighs 1.2 tons - Image: Shutterstock / Dr_Flash Giraffe: 1.4 tons and up to four meters tall - Image: Shutterstock / meunierd White rhinoceros: heavyweight with a weight of 2.5 tons - Image: Shutterstock / Jason Prince Hippo: weighs 3.5 tons - Image: Shutterstock / VLADJ55 African elephant: the heaviest land animal at seven tons - Image: Shutterstock / john michael evan potter

The African elephant is number one in the world's largest animals. The pachyderm weighs an enormous seven tons. Also impressive: its size of up to four meters. The second place for the largest land animals goes to the hippopotamus - but by a large margin. The mammal weighs around 3.5 tons on average.

The white rhinoceros takes third place

The last animal on the pedestal of the largest land animals is the white rhinoceros, which weighs up to 2.5 tons. Fourth place goes to the giraffe. The funny looking animal with the long neck weighs around 1.4 tons and with a height of six meters it is also the largest animal in our leaderboard.

The moose weighs 800 kilograms

The water buffalo, with a weight of 1.2 tons, takes fifth place among the largest land animals. The moose can be found at the bottom of our leaderboard. The largest species of deer occurring today still weighs 800 kilograms.

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