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Changing the coat of a dog: how to support him

You will know: When the temperatures rise in spring, the number of dog hair lying around increases. Changing the coat of a dog is a natural and necessary process, but can often become a particularly hairy affair for dog owners. Find out here how you can support your dog sensibly during this time. Important during the change of fur: brushing, brushing, brushing - Image: Shutterstock / Sergey Lavrentev

The change of fur in spring

Dogs usually change their fur twice a year - in spring and autumn. The hair is usually more intense in spring than in autumn. The change of fur in the dog depends on the temperature and daylight duration. When the air warms up in spring and the sun shines more often, the balls of fur in the house or apartment get bigger and the vacuum cleaner rarely stops. During this time, it is important to help your dog and these little helpers will relieve you.

Brush, brush, brush

Changing the coat of a dog often requires more care than usual. Basically, the old coat has to be removed so that the new one can grow back. By regular brushing and combing, the dog's skin is better supplied with blood and the loose fur can be removed more easily. It is advisable to brush or comb your beloved four-legged friend every day during this time, regardless of the type of fur. Almost all dogs love this way of grooming, by the way, because they always get a pleasant petting.

Flowery outlook: dogs enjoy spring

Proper nutrition in hairy times

If you want to support your dog in addition to brushing and combing during the change of fur, you can also do this via the right diet. B vitamins, zinc, biotin and highly unsaturated fatty acids support the skin's metabolism and can make hair change easier as well as a healthy and shiny coat. Tip: The addition of a little oil (e.g. safflower or linseed oil) has a helpful effect on the skin and fur. It is important not to add too much oil, otherwise diarrhea can occur. One tablespoon of it daily in the feed is sufficient.

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