Granny Dog Network: Loving home for old dogs

Granny Dog Network: Loving home for old dogs

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Heike Thiel has a big heart for dogs and that's why she founded the Omihunde network. At the Sonnenhof Blomesche Wildnis, elderly senior dogs can spend a nice retirement. Heike Thiel looks after up to 14 four-legged friends in their retirement home when the owners can no longer take care of their pets or have died. As can be seen in the video, the vigorous retirees feel at home on four paws in their new home. Just great!

What to do if the old dog no longer comes up the stairs in the house? Or if the owners themselves become too old and frail to go for a walk with the four-legged friend and play with him every day? What to do with orphaned dogs whose masters or mistresses are no longer there? In the animal shelter, the old wauzis can no longer be conveyed so well and often require special care and special attention due to various ailments. Heike Thiel therefore came up with the idea of ​​building a retirement home for her animal friends during her animal protection work in 2010 and founded the Omihunde Netzwerk association.

Since 2013 she has owned the Sonnenhof Blomesche Wildnis, which she has set up for her four-legged roommates in an age-appropriate and species-appropriate manner. Golden Retriever Harry and his friends are overjoyed in their home. The dear guy should be put to sleep first because he was very overweight and allegedly had cancer. How nice that he can now spend a peaceful, peaceful retirement in loving hands through the Omihunde network. The association is financed by donations and sponsorships and can be reached online at

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