Dog quarrel on dog meadow: How to behave correctly

Dog quarrel on dog meadow: How to behave correctly

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If several animals come together in one spot, there can be a dog quarrel on the dog meadow. Most of the four-legged friends settle conflicts themselves - but occasionally owners have to intervene and separate the brawlers. Sometimes it is not easy to tell whether four-legged friends are still playing or whether it is serious. Intervention should then be taken - Shutterstock / Katho Menden

While a dog quarrel often seems very dangerous to many people with all the rumbling and barking around, it is mostly just a matter of showing off. Once the ranking has been established, it quickly becomes peaceful again and the playground can continue to be praised. The situation only escalates in exceptional cases - then you should take decisive and correct action, whether on the dog meadow or elsewhere.

Let dogs solve their dog quarrel themselves

One of the rules on a dog meadow is that you always keep an eye on your four-legged friend. Even though he is usually very meek, it can sometimes lead to a dog fight. If he really comes into contact with one of his kind, you should remain calm but vigilant. Most of the time it is about establishing the ranking and gnashing of teeth is only dominance behavior, which is often observed in males. Bitches argue less, but mostly a little bit bitter than their male counterparts.

Wait patiently to see whether the dogs solve the conflict themselves - everything else disturbs the hierarchy and can even be crooked by the animals. It usually gets serious when none of the four-legged friends give in and growls and barks turn into serious bites; then you should intervene.

Dog was bitten: what to do?

Dogs usually resolve conflicts without dangerous physical exertion and bites. Happening ...

Intervene in dog fights on dog meadow

Intervene in a dog quarrel as late as possible, just before biting. When it is certain that the four-legged friends can no longer solve their conflict in any other way, say resolutely "Come" and go somewhere else with your dog. If it is already too late and both animals are seriously attacking you, you should intervene in coordination with the other dog owner. You should pay attention to your own safety. If dogs are in a rage, it can happen that you get a dog bite - there is a serious risk of injury.

It is best for you and the other owner to grab the respective dog by the hind legs above the paws, push it briefly forward like a wheelbarrow and then pull both dogs away to the rear. Then you should talk to your animal partner soothingly. Tip: In the event of injuries, it makes sense to exchange the contact details with the owner of the other dog and to see a veterinarian immediately. You can find further information on the correct behavior regarding a dog dispute in the guide "Intervention in dog controversy: yes or no?"

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