Feeding Chihuahua Properly: Diet Tips

Feeding Chihuahua Properly: Diet Tips

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Wet or dry food: what is the ideal diet for your Chihuahua? And how much feed does the small bundle of energy actually need? You can read all of this in the following guide. Chihuahuas have nothing against a tasty bone now and then - Shutterstock / Little Moon

Optimal nutrition is essential so that your beloved Chihuahua does not become a spherical, rolling fur ball. Because even the smallest dog breed in the world can get a few grams too much on the ribs from too many treats - which then has a negative effect on their health. But what should the food supply look like best?

Choose the type of nutrition

First of all, there is the question: should my Chihuahua prefer wet or dry food? The answer is very simple: Both types are suitable for the small four-legged friends - but not mixed. Avoid mixing both types of food in one meal, since wet and dry food are digested differently. So give your Chihuahua a small bowl with wet food in the morning and some dry food in the afternoon. In the latter, make sure that your loyal friend always has fresh water.

The right amount of food for a Chihuahua

As a rule, you can follow the guidelines on the food packaging. The rule of thumb is that your dog should eat between two and four percent of its body weight in food. However, as with all dog breeds, the following also applies: due to the age and activity level of the four-legged friend, there may be gradations. Dogs that are particularly fit and keen to move can also tolerate a little more food, while sluggish four-legged friends should shift down a gear when eating. In both cases you should note: If your Chihuahua receives treats, you must subtract them from the normal food ration. Otherwise it can quickly happen that your fur nose gets overweight.

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Do the rib test

You can easily check whether your Chihuahua eats too much, too little or just the right amount: when you lightly feel the ribs of your animal friend, he gets enough food. If you don't feel it, you should put your fur nose on a diet in consultation with your veterinarian. But even if you feel that your four-legged partner may be too thin, a visit to the vet is advisable.

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