Polar bear cubs crawl out of their den for the first time

In the middle of the icy expanse of the Arctic, heart-warming scenes take place in this video: After the long time in the cave, two polar bear cubs stick their noses out into the sun for the first time. Of course not without her bear mom. This is animal motherly love.

The sun rises over the Arctic and Mama Bear sticks her head out of the cave to check the situation. The air is clear, time for an excursion. She lets herself slide down the long slope in a very relaxed manner, paving the way for her two fluffy and white bear cubs. Clumsily and curiously they climb out of the cave and follow mom's trail. With such small legs it is really exhausting! But once you get there, there are lots of cuddle units from Mama and a high-spirited climbing action. Then it says: "Off to bed!" and the little ones climb back into the protective cave.

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