Cat ducks when i pet him

Cat ducks when i pet him

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Cat ducks when i pet him

i got this pet from my sister, he is a male and has always been very well behaved, he seems to be very calm but when i pet him i feel he can be a little aggressive but not too much, he doesn't bite or jump up and is a pretty calm guy, he has always been with me. the other day i was playing and he seemed a little over friendly towards me, i thought he may be just being a nice guy, i would not be worried but then he went off to bite one of my sisters other ducks and i was very worried. i know i need to be more careful, what should i do? is it just a duck acting up or is he being more aggressive to me?


You need to realize that the ducks are wild birds, they will not know you are not their natural predators (other ducks) and they will react naturally, the other ducks are the ones that are their prey, if it is your job to rse them as a pet, then you must keep the water for them to swim around, it is not safe for them to be around other animals like you.

Just remember that they are wild birds and their natural predators are other birds, you should not try to be their "superior" or "superhero". In fact, in the wild, they live in close proximity to each other and will not leave each other alone, so the only one to blame is you for letting them out of their "natural" surroundings.

I don't think he's being aggressive or anything, but rather he is very friendly to people who care for him. His only aggressive act was the bite on my sister's duck, and even that was a mistake. They are all about the same size, but he is quite small and timid compared to the others. He's a good pet in my opinion.

I would call the ASPCA or your vet to have an adult check him out. It may just be a case of getting used to you. He may be reacting the way he's been rsed and not knowing that there are other animals that can hurt him. Maybe give him more space around you so he learns your presence. Don't take it personally if he doesn't want to cuddle up or play. It's natural to be a little hesitant to trust new people or things.

I'm also glad that he did not bite on you! Sometimes, a dog will come up and try to take a ride on a pet duck. I'm not sure how they react. My ducks are never around dogs, even if it's a really gentle dog. I'm always worried that they are going to get hurt or worse.

I don't think your duck would bite. Ducks don't have teeth, so if he wants to bite he'll have to reach for something. I've had a dog that bit a duck, and it wasn't aggressive towards him. He was playing with him. I'm sure that the duck would be fine. If you're worried, you can call the vet to come and check him out. They have special trning and education in animal behavior and it wouldn't hurt to be checked.

This is a pet i have had for a few months. he is only 5 months old but i think he will be about 6 when he is full grown. i have seen a lot of pet ducks in my time and he is not like the other ducks i know but he is still wild so he will have to be around people and other animals. when i take him outside he stays in the garage, he is not tame but he does not like to be out in the rn. i have seen him get in the pond when i take him out to water him, he is very calm, he likes to be petted and played with he never bites me and has never tried to take my hand. i would have no reason to be worried about this duck being a little aggressive, i guess my question is would a duck bite when he is attacked like he did. i would not have any reason to worry about my duck being a threat to me. i would not let this affect my thoughts of keeping him as a pet.

Ducks are very friendly birds. I don't think a wild duck would bite you. It sounds like your duck is acting a little more wild than your other ducks. You could call the ASPCA and have them come take a look at him. That way you'll know if he is a threat or not.

The answer to your question is no. If you want to have a pet duck, you must keep them as a pet.

There is not really much danger for ducks to bite, they have no teeth, unless a dog tries to take them for a ride. When you are outdoors with ducks you need to keep an eye on your child. If he runs away then your ducks will be able to get away but if they have food in the yard and your child is feeding the ducks then your child will get bit. Most ducks are not very friendly to people.

i have a few ducks that i got from a pet store, they have been well behaved with the exception of one duck that i have that is pretty wild and i have been feeding her more because she likes to get food from all the other ducks. i don't know if it is just that she has been away from water for so long that she is acting like a wild duck, it is a little strange that she bites other ducks but not me, i guess i will just need to keep a close eye on her to make sure she isn't going to hurt my other ducks or my sister's.

I got two ducks from Pet Smart when I was a teenager. The male was very aggressive. I would have a hard time getting him to eat anything. We eventually ended up getting rid of him. They do bite, but it is the wild part that is the problem. I'd give him a chance to warm up to you.

I think my duck is a little different because he always has been friendly to me. he does like to play with the other ducks but they are friendly too. he isn't wild but he can be aggressive around the other

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