Creative Christmas gifts for dogs

Playing, romping, feeding: dogs have so many interests that it is sometimes difficult for them to choose a suitable Christmas gift. To make it a little easier for you, we went looking for some nice ideas to help you prepare a happy party for your four-legged friend.

1. For smart guys: animal intelligence toys

Not only hunting dogs like to find things, but also curious four-legged friends of all ages. This cute toy is made to cuddle and search and works very easily: The three funny squirrels are hidden by the owner in the tree stump, which then have to be searched for by the dog. This is not only a wonderful recipe against boredom in the dog, but also strengthens its ability to solve tasks.

2. Dog snacks - homemade especially delicious!

Almost every four-legged friend is too happy with a treat. However, you do not always know what is included in the snacks you buy. Since it should only be the best for the festive day, it is wonderful to bake the snacks yourself. This way you can be sure that it contains no sugar, flavors or preservatives. Make your darling a healthy joy!

3. It can be a little more cozy for cuddly dogs

A cozy place for dogs like this is sure to be taken after the long Christmas walk. This blanket is nice and warm and softly padded and therefore perfect for winter. No wonder that a dog bed is such a popular gift for four-legged friends.

4. Toys to romp around with: You can't go wrong with that

The last gift idea is a very simple one, with which you can inspire almost every dog: a new cuddly toy for playing, romping, retrieving and chewing on. Whether it can squeak or is particularly cuddly - the selection of creative toys for dogs is huge, so there is something for everyone.

Animal winter fun with dogs

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