A few grains too much: hamsters celebrate harder

A few grains too much: hamsters celebrate harder

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Did this hamster celebrate too hard on New Year's Eve? At least the cute rodent didn't even make it to bed or rather made it into his den. And now the little one is sleeping off his little party frenzy on the table - accompanied by restless dreams. And he just looks cute.

As soon as this little rascal has his hamster hangover behind him, a nasty surprise awaits him. That his master also absolutely had to film him as he simply fell asleep on the spot after a New Year's Eve party. There will probably be a serious word to talk about.

But what do the nocturnal rodents dream of? Maybe from a bulging granary that he secretly robs? Or from last night when he had one or more "the" other grain too much? Unfortunately, he won't tell us. The team at does not wish him too bad awakening and all readers a great start to the new year.

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