Dog and mouse: a fun pairing

Dog and mouse: Maymo's new favorite toy? - Image: Youtube / crackrockcandy

Dog and mouse - isn't there a cat missing? Not necessarily, as this funny four-legged friend proves. His favorite toy is a small toy mouse. And once it is in motion, there is no stopping the playful dog either. However, he doesn't really like to snap shut either. With the result that the two simply make an animal funny couple.

Did the little one poke the toy mouse from his meowing roommate? If so, at least you can't see it far and wide. We, on the other hand, can observe a really cute couple. Dog and mouse seem to like each other - if you can say that of a wind-up toy. In any case, the four-legged friend rolls back and forth with joy and only carefully grabs the gray rodent - and looks very sad when the winding mechanism has expired.

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