Find Momo: Border Collie is playing hide and seek

Border Collie Momo has a hobby: he loves to hide. The dog not only keeps its owner, designer and photographer Andrew Knapp busy, but also brings him great ideas such as the "Finding Momo" project. With beautiful photographs of country and city backdrops, Knapp challenges Momo fans to find the dog in his pictures.

Momo up close: A rare image of the Border Collie - Image: Instagram / andrewknapp Border Collie dog Momo, at the end again very close: Did you find him everywhere? - Picture: Instagram / andrewknapp Search image for dog lovers: Border Collie Momo is hiding in nature - Image: Instagram / andrewknapp Nice process: do you find Border Collie dog Momo? - Picture: Instagram / andrewknapp That makes dogs like Border Collie Momo happy: playing hide and seek on the river - Image: Instagram / andrewknapp Do you see Border Collie dog Momo in the picture? Or just the sofa? - Picture: Instagram / andrewknapp A dog on the beach: Border Collie Momo - Image: Instagram / andrewknapp Border Collie dog Momo under the bridge: Difficult to find, but really there - Image: Instagram / andrewknapp This picture hides not only a VW bus, but also Border Collie dog Momo - Picture: Instagram / andrewknapp Stones, electricity pylons, grasses and of course Border Collie dog Momo - Picture: Instagram / andrewknapp

And sometimes it's not that easy! Because the Canadian Andrew Knapp and his 4-year-old Border Collie Momo are a well-coordinated team. Momo delivers the ideas, his master turns them into art. The squeaky four-legged friend provided inspiration for the "Finding Momo" project when he preferred to be found by his owner rather than retrieving the sticks thrown for him. Fortunately, Knapp found him again and again, because the black and white herding dog does his job pretty well, as the search images clearly prove.

Do you find Momo?

Momo has entertainment talent. No wonder he was able to secure a small fan base that is constantly waiting for new pictures with the cute Border Collie. Andrew Knapp publishes them regularly via Instagram and proves: whether it's a snow landscape, sofa or VW bus - Momo always knows how to disguise himself. If you want to go looking for him, you can pass the time wonderfully. Try your luck in our picture gallery.

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