That's my dog friday

That's my dog friday

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That's my dog friday." "You like him, huh?" "Oh, man." "I knew it was in here somewhere." "And I knew that the reason that I wasn't getting any action" "Was because I was sitting in the car" "Wting for something to happen." "It was time to make a move." "Hey, baby!" "Hey, baby!" "That looks like a fun night." "Where you going?" "It's only 4:30." "Just going for a little walk." "Oh, it's 4:30!" "My wife has been going crazy." "Yeah, no wonder you're sitting in the car." "Uh, you want a ride?" "No, I like to walk." "It's a great way to keep your health and your relationships." "You know what?" "Here's my number." "I'll call you in the morning, okay?" "Okay." "Love you." "I knew if I had sex with some guy," "They'd think that we had a thing going on." "She got a number." "That's what I'm talking about." "See?" "That's what I'm talking about." "She's giving me her number." "I gave her my number." 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"We're just gonna hang out." "Want something to drink?" "Yeah, I'll be right back." "So how's it going?" "Just doing some research." "We're really taking our time with it." "We're trying to, you know," "Make sure that everything's on the money" "And that everything that's been sd" "Hasn't been sd yet." "That's a big deal for us." "It's going good." "I know you're working on a movie at the same time." "Yeah, um..." "I'm trying to stay a little bit on track." "The movie stuff is fun." "I get to, like, you know, talk to people" "And tell stories about funny things" "That people did and all that kind of stuff." "You know, sometimes I have a lot of fun." "But, um, yeah, it's a lot of hard work" "And a lot of long days." "Do you feel like it takes away" "From, like, what you would rather be doing?" "I don't know." 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"I was, like, "oh, my god!" "I've never done this before," "You know, I'm so nervous."" "Like, there was, like, a lot of stuff," "But, like, it was the most fun thing" "I'd ever done." "It was all just, like, I can do this," "And I'm, like, so glad I'm not a singer." "That would have been really weird." "I mean, there's really..." "There's not that many..." "You know, "oh, I was a singer." "I wish I was still a singer."" "I mean, that would have been weird." "It would have been..." "I don't know..." "It would have been kind of like a nightmare." "It would have been weird." "I think, you know, that's why people like me." "I mean, they like the characters." "I'm really, really grateful" "That I wasn't "a singer," you know." "I'm grateful that I get to be this." "I get to act..." "To, like, be a character that" "Kind of makes

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