Blind dog Tessa escapes sleep

Another heartbreaking story from the world of the four-legged friends: The abandoned, blind bitch Tessa, who could not even walk, was saved in Los Angeles from being put to sleep - and is now in excellent health.

This wonderful story will melt the hearts of animal lovers. The bitch Tessa went blind, but her cruel owners initially let her lose weight and then handed the animal over to a home. There you couldn't help Tessa. The bitch was finally unable to walk due to poor health, and she was about to fall asleep. Fortunately, everything turned out differently.

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Love and affection save Tessa

Annie Hart, the manager of an animal foundation, the Bill Foundation, saved the four-legged friend and initially housed Tessa in her own four walls to take care of the animal. Doctors found that the dog had water in the brain and became blind because of it. In addition, the sense of balance is disturbed, which is why Tesssa was unable to walk. But how lucky: After only a few days full of love and mothering, little Tessa's condition improved. In the meantime, the brave bitch is romping around again - and reminds us of what can be achieved if you show real commitment.

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