The Lord of the Bouquets? Flute makes a bouquet of birds dance

Was this bunch of birds perhaps a hobbit in his past life? As soon as the young man plays the hobbit theme from the film "The Lord of the Rings" on an old flute, the giant ratite performs a mystical dance that is reminiscent of the typical courtship dance.

On a ostrich farm, the giant bird seems to have eagerly waited for the young man with the old flute: "Play the Hobbit song for me!" Is the motto. And in fact the bird bouquet starts with its courtship dance after the first notes of the song from "The Lord of the Rings". Who he wants to charm with it remains unclear. Maybe he fell in love with the beautiful Arwen aka Liv Tyler at the last movie night - or he tried to coax the flute player out of "his sweetheart".

Brightly colored bird life: a splash of color from nature

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