Mustard yellow cat collar

Mustard yellow cat collar

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Mustard yellow cat collar and leash

Signed photo and certificate of the show

Signed photo and certificate of the Show


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The Fine Print

Please Read this before you make your purchase.

If you live more than 40 miles from Duxbury, or if you are a first time buyer and you would like an alternative to shipping your cat to the show, please contact [email protected]

You will also need to provide me with proof of health form, a letter from your vet detling your pet's health and a $50.00 non-refundable deposit to secure the date of the show.

Lesson Learned

One of my recent and most rewarding shows was with the "Sneakers" in the Show of the Americas. The owner of Sneakers was a professional handler named, Steve and his wife had rescued the cat. The two of them worked on her behavior while she was a kitten. When the cat was very young, she was taken to a shelter and she was there for over a year before she was rescued. Sneakers was very shy and extremely nervous. The owner and his wife worked on her for a very long time to teach her to trust people. When I met her she was shy and timid, she had never been anywhere but at home, but when I got her and worked with her, it turned out that Sneakers had been in shows as a kitten and was very knowledgeable.

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