Cat allergy: when the pet becomes a burden

Watery eyes and an itchy nose - common symptoms of a cat allergy - to endure the sight of your little darling is not always good. It is bitter for animal lovers when your own cat becomes a torment. This hair looks beautiful, but is a pain for cat allergy sufferers - Image: Shutterstock / juliasv

If you suspect an allergy, a doctor can use tests to find out what type of allergy you are suffering from. This is the only way to check whether your pet's pet hair is really behind it or the simple house dust.

Triggers for cat allergy

An allergy to animal hair is triggered by allergens that are found in sweat, sebum, urine, saliva, on the hair and in the dander of the cat's skin. The animal allergens are distributed thoroughly in all rooms in which the pet moves, but also on the clothing of the owner. When a cat allergy is detected, it becomes very difficult to remove the allergens thoroughly. For strong cat allergy sufferers, it is imperative to avoid contact with the animals if they do not want to experience extremely unpleasant symptoms.

It should even be almost impossible to get everything so thoroughly clean that there is no longer a trigger for an allergy. Even if the allergy forces the owner to give up their pet, there may still be allergens in the area.

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Symptoms of an allergy to cats

In allergy sufferers, the symptoms appear in varying degrees. The nose, eyes, bronchi and skin can be affected.

The nose swells, runs or there is a sneeze. The eyes turn red, teary and itchy. If the bronchi are affected, this is noticeable through shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing.

The skin can also be affected in cat allergy sufferers: Here itching, rash or urticaria can develop.

The symptoms appear when the allergy sufferer comes into contact with the cat or enters rooms in which a cat is present. Sometimes it can only help to leave the room and go into the fresh air. Depending on the severity of the allergy, there are also therapies that may make life with cats possible.

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