F6 savannah cat price

F6 savannah cat price

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F6 savannah cat price

This website has been created with love and the best intention for you, my dear friend. It is my way of serving you. I also want to share with you the stories behind the cats. All are rescues, except the black male. He was my husband's cat. We loved him dearly. I do not own the black male cat, I only care for him.

A little of my history with animals. As a young woman, my parents bought a pair of black cats, a male and a female. I was very young and they named the male cat, Biff. As the years passed, the black female cat became pregnant and my mother found a place for them at a no kill shelter. I was only 15, and I cried. She was pregnant. My heart broke for her, but she had made her choice. She brought the kittens to my house to raise, because I was an only child, and my mother told me that the kittens needed to stay with someone who could care for them properly.

The black male cat's name is Puck. He's a real character. He has a very high, domineering personality. He is very loud and wants to dominate. He has a bad habit of picking up any stray food, then eating it, even if it is not his. He is not shy with other animals or people.

I decided to have him spayed and I had the procedure done at the shelter. They gave him a name. It was The Great Puck. I took him home and loved him very much. I took him to vet every two weeks to have his shots. He did not take well to shots, so I only had him have them every two months.

The Great Puck was about 4 years old and he was beginning to show his age. He had arthritis in his legs, and also had diabetes. I was told that he needed to be put down. I was devastated.

A month after the surgery, the Great Puck had another episode. He had eaten a bag of cat food that I had fed to him. When I found out about the episode, I went to the vet.

He had eaten the cat food, and also a little bit of my son's birthday cake. It is so sad to think about. I was in a state of shock. I was so heartbroken. I had just found out that he needed to be put down.

My father-in-law is a retired vet. We had a conversation about this. He suggested that Puck live in my house. It was the best idea I had heard all day. I was so glad that my husband had suggested it. Puck and I bonded very well.

I found him a home at the cat rescue shelter. The shelter had adopted out one of my Great Puck's brothers and he had moved in with the new family. When I went to the shelter to visit him, there were two kittens in the box. I knew it was meant to be. I had to have all the kittens.

The first kitten is named Lola. She is the black and white one with the huge ears. I had wanted to have another black male cat. When I took Puck in to the vet, I explained that I wanted the second kitten to be black and he said, "Oh, Lola will be a beautiful black boy. There are only black males available, and we would like to give you the only one available".

The other two kittens were brown and cream, like me. I have the most handsome boys. I love them all. Puck and I became best friends, and he was very protective of me and the kittens.

I decided to name the cats as they came into the world. The first one, Lola was a very, very easy cat to care for. She was very friendly and she loved to be held. The second cat, Puck was a very hard cat to care for. He was very high maintenance.

Every day I would go to my vet and I would see how Puck was doing. His leg was fine but he was having some digestive problems and he was drinking a lot of water.

I called the vet and explained the situation. We discussed a few options. He said that we could start with a special diet. He asked me if I could administer it, and I agreed. I put the cat on it and he became a little bit better.

He was doing better, and I told him that if he was better in a week, he could have a shot of vitamin B and see how he did after that. He took the shot and he was still not better. I called the vet and asked if there was anything else I could try.

He suggested that I give him some fish oil, since he was drinking so much water. I was not happy about that. The Great Puck was very much like a small dog, and I did not want him to be drinking a ton of water and I could see he was very ill. I didn't want to give him any fish oil.

The Great Puck's health continued to deteriorate and I was worried about him. He was drinking a lot of water, eating very little, and he was drinking a lot of salt water. I was concerned about his health.

I took him to a specialist. He took a look at him and he said, "Well, I don't think we will be able to save him". I just stood there in shock. I was heartbroken. I was at a loss for words. The doctor suggested that I take him home to wait until his last day. He said, "I will do all I can, but if there is no change, there will be no point in me putting him down".

I did not want to do that. I did not want my best friend to go, and my other cats were so upset. The Great Puck was only four years old, and I did not want to put him through any more. We made a deal.

He would be home, I would give him extra love and I would care for

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