Rescued kittens bring happiness into the house!

In this video, the team at an orphanage for abandoned and abandoned cats shows why they enjoy their work so much - and if you look at the saved velvet paws, you can understand that very well!

The first nice moment that the foster family and their new protégés have together is when the four-legged friends arrive at them and take the first few steps out of the boxes in the new environment. At least as beautiful to watch as the cat mothers can finally take care of their babies safely, as you can see in the great video.

Sweet little gang of chaos

Of course, what should not be missing and is very funny to look at: The chaos that comes with the somewhat younger velvet paws. How they clean each other, make cat-like little escape attempts, fight cute baby cat ninja fights, play like the world champions, are just sweet to fall in love with, enjoy petting and enjoy for the first time what it's like to have a nice home - all of that makes taking in foster cats an experience that you will never forget in your life, report the loving cat friends.

And what is particularly nice about this video: All of these cats have now found a great home where they can always stay!

We are Family: Sweet family gangs from the cat world

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