Brown dog face paint

Brown dog face paint

Brown dog face paint

Brown dog face paint.

I have posted this picture on social media as we love dogs! I just thought of this topic today, when we got home from the vet! I wanted to share our experience with our pup, who had surgery today.

I took this pic of our baby, Sadie, around 10:30am, which would be 11:30am here in Australia!

She was in pain and the vet told us this would be a 24 hour thing. She was only 5 weeks old and weighed just under 2kgs. We chose to do a surgery to remove some of the tumours. The tumour was near a gland. Because of this, Sadie would never be able to produce milk. They would have to remove the gland.

The vet has only told me the percentage of survival. She will have less than 50% chance of survival after this surgery. I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I still need to get her home and see how she is.

We left the vet, but I’m not sure where we are at the moment. I’ve been texting the vet for updates, but we are just out and about. I would like to go home as soon as possible. We have a few days before the surgery.

I think it would be easier for me to share all my text messages in a Blog post. I’m sure someone could help me if I don’t have an account or I need help with writing one down.

A few hours after posting this, I got this message:

They are happy with the surgery and happy to report that Sadie’s breathing is better. It is still to early to tell about the breathing, and we are just taking it day by day. They are happy to report, that everything is healing well.

So, to update I just spent a few hours with Sadie and she’s doing really well. She’s eating and drinking well. She looks really good. She does not seem to be in pain. She is so much more comfortable now.

I took a bit of time to see how she is. She is not running around. I think I need to make sure that I take a bit of time to just sit with her.

While I was doing that, I made a mental note of the fact that I am being so silly. I am going to be really sad if she has to be put down. I’m not sure how I would handle it.

I’m a little concerned about the anesthesia they gave her. I think I’m going to have a harder time after surgery than she will, but I just didn’t want her to be awake or aware while she is on the table.

I was able to tell the tech that she is very calm. She is almost not moving at all. The only sign of activity is her chest and stomach moving up and down. This is normal.

All of the machines she is hooked up to have the alarms set for a low voltage reading, or no oxygen or low oxygen. I am worried, but I am hoping that this isn’t an alarm that is going to end her life. I don’t know what I would do. This really isn’t fair to the dogs that come after. She was one of the first, and my baby.

I went to bed early last night and she was up again at 8:30 this morning. She had me get the bed for her. She went to sleep in it, but the vet wasn’t happy with the way she was breathing. They told me to be ready for a c-section. Sadie had the biggest smile when she got out of the house. She was going to a home that she was very comfortable in. I know that I will never be the same.

She is so tiny now. I don’t understand how this is even happening.

She is still very scared. She has been very vocal. I can hear her barking and snarling in her sleep. I don’t know if it is the pain or the drugs, but she is very vocal. She has been pretty quiet until this morning.

I know that she is going to do well. She is very comfortable in her home. I can tell that her family is taking care of her.

I am not able to say much right now. I am just waiting and I will be able to say more when I have her at home.

Sandra, please don’t give up hope. They said that she is doing great and has a very healthy prognosis. I hope it stays that way. Please, keep sending us updates. We will keep our fingers crossed that you will get to bring Sadie home. I am sure that she will be very happy with you.

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