Dog days soccer tournament 2018

Dog days soccer tournament 2018

daysto play.

Tournament information

What is daysto play? Daysto Play is a free to play multiplayer first-person shooter based on the Unreal Engine. It's best to have a headset for this but if you don't, there's no problem in using your laptop speakers.

Where will you play? The matches are being played in the Unreal Engine 3. This means that you can play daysto play in your web browser. You'll be using a server running on Windows Server. The server should already be running, just click the link to go to it's start page to start playing. In this guide we'll walk you through how to install daysto play and set it up to run in your web browser.

Install requirements

The daysto play game is made for Windows 7 or higher, 32-bit only. You'll also need either a GeForce 6-series GPU or an ATI HD series GPU. You'll need to download and install the latest version of DirectX 10. To install the latest version of the drivers go to your web browser and enter the following link. If you are using the Windows 7 driver version 17.1 (the 16.3 one will give the same results), you can do this by clicking the button labelled "Search Windows Update for updates" next to "Windows Updates". You may want to turn on "Optional Features" for your drivers. Once you've done this you can download the latest drivers by clicking the button labelled "Downloads" next to the "Installing" button on the same page. Next download and install the latest version of the Unreal Engine. The easiest way to do this is by clicking on the link on the page "Unreal engine download". Clicking on the link will lead you to the download page, but this page is only here for historical purposes. You can download the latest version of the Unreal Engine by clicking on the button "Download here". Once downloaded you'll need to locate the file called "uEp3UE_CMakeinx86Win64CMakeToolchnvs_install.cmd".

Create a folder called daysto playsrc and create a new file in this folder called settings.ini

The settings.ini file should look like this.

The files daysto play.exe and daysto play.dll will be created in the same folder as the settings.ini file.

Setting up DirectX

To make it even easier for you to install the daysto play game I have created a batch file called "DXSetup.bat" that you can run if you have followed the steps from "Install requirements" above and have already installed DirectX.

To get started you'll need to run DXSetup.bat

When prompted the batch file will make you create a folder in your C: drive and move the daysto play.exe and daysto play.dll files into this directory.

If this does not happen for you then you will need to close DXSetup.bat and run it agn

Now you are all set and can play daysto play.

Setting up Visual Studio 2015 (CMake)

I have created a script to configure visual studio for CMake. It is called vscmktool.bat, please click here for a quick overview of what is going on. I have created the settings below that should hopefully have everything setup for you to create and compile the daysto play game. I've included the text of the vscmktool.bat script below.

The instructions to use Visual Studio CMake (or CMake in general) can be found here.

Note that the script will create a build directory named daystoplay and will move the daysto play.exe and daysto play.dll files into this directory. If you already have the daysto play files in their own directory and would like to move them to the new directory then you should remove the lines mentioned above.

When you've run the script it should look like this:

You may now run cmake from the C:daystoplay directory

When the cmake command is finished and you have accepted the defaults then you should have a build directory called daystoplay that contns the following files:



The two files that you need for the build of daysto play.exe are the same as what is already provided in the C:daysto playuildx86 elease directory. So you can simply copy those files from there to the C:daystoplay build directory and rename them to daysto-play.exe and daysto-play.dll. Now you can compile the program using:

Compiling the program (if you get an error while running it for the first time please run cmake from a new directory)

You can now double click on daysto-play.exe and the program should run. Enjoy!

Note that the DllTest example was written in Visual Studio and was compiled with the C++11 standard. The daysto-play.dll that you get when you download this project is a 32bit application and so you may need to use the 64bit version of the DllTest example or find another way to test that the dll is working in 64bit mode.

If you have any issues or improvements to the project please contact the author.


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