Akita: How to train the dog from Japan

The education of the Akita must be approached carefully and conscientiously, because the dog is not easy. It is less suitable as a first dog and can also be a challenge for experienced dog owners. You should pay attention to this when training with him. A good upbringing is important so that the Akita becomes a reliable dog - Image: Shutterstock / Away

The Akita is a clever, learned dog: if you know what you are doing, you will have an easy time teaching this dog. He will always maintain a certain degree of independence, but with the right attitude and a careful upbringing you will be able to make him a reliable, friendly and very pleasant dog.

Akita: A dog trainer helps with uncertainties in education

The Akita needs a sensitive but consistent education. Anyone who tries to assert himself with screaming and scolding will ensure that the dog becomes insecure and does not enjoy working with its owner. But a good relationship is essential to become a perfect team with this four-legged friend.

Do not hesitate to take a dog trainer aside if there are uncertainties in the upbringing. You should work with him on the normal basic commands, his social behavior, the hunting instinct and the protective instinct.

Important point: the dominance behavior

An important issue in education is the dominance behavior of the dog. The Akita is known to test again and again in humans whether it should not rise in the ranking. If the owner remains absolutely consistent and prevents this, he is doing exactly the right thing.

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