Dog friendly cottages inverness

Dog friendly cottages inverness

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Dog friendly cottages inverness

We are based at the northern end of the Highland coast. Situated in Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands and home to the world's largest Highland games, we provide a range of cottages that would be suitable for dogs of all sizes and styles. Read our full overview of our cottages and what they have to offer.

Our cottages are located on the northern end of the Highland coast and enjoy views over the Moray Firth to the distant hills of the Great Glen.

Our cottages are the perfect place to unwind and relax. All come with their own kitchen, toilet and shower room.


From our properties, you can see the Moray Firth, Loch Ness and mountns of the Great Glen. Situated in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, you can also take day trips to Edinburgh, Glasgow or Oban.

Our cottages can all be adapted to your needs and are able to sleep up to 6 adults and 2 dogs. Each of our cottages has one, two or three bedrooms and all feature an outside sitting area.

Each cottage is self-contned and has its own kitchen with a dishwasher. Our properties also have a gas-central-heated shower room.


Inverness, with its award-winning theatre, restaurants and historic buildings, is the perfect base for visitors. The town is a short walk from our cottages, so you can easily pop over to the galleries, the art centres and the galleries and enjoy the views and the fresh r.

Inverness Castle is a short drive away and has plenty to offer, with exhibitions, exhibitions, food and drink and a host of restaurants to try. Alternatively, you could take a stroll along the river Ness.

Outdoor life

If you’re a nature lover, why not head to Cawdor Forest and the Cawdor Estate, which is a popular centre for the game of Whisky. The Cawdor Estate offers a whisky distillery tour for guests as well as other family-friendly activities.

The Scottish Wildlife Garden at Ardnagriffin Country Park, near Fort William, is one of the UK’s best-kept secret gems. There are several bird-watching hides in the grounds, making it a perfect place for wildlife lovers.

Further afield, near Glen Coe in the Highlands, you will find the Crngorm Mountn range and the National Park. There are several walking routes in the area, and in the summer, you can take a scenic drive along the famous Route 66.

The beautiful Isle of Skye offers plenty of outdoor activities to do. In summer, explore the nearby Isle of Skye wildlife centre and the Hebrides Whale Watch.

There is plenty of outdoor activities to do at Inverness, such as fishing and walking. If you’re into mountn biking, explore the local trls at Crngorm Mountn and The Crngorms.

As well as all of the activities avlable in Inverness, you could venture out of the city to explore the wildlife at Glenmoriston Forest Park and Loch Ness. You could also catch a live performance at the Inverness Performing Arts and Concert Hall.

Food and Drink

In terms of cuisine, Inverness is packed with restaurants to suit all tastes. The award-winning Morvern Seafood restaurant is located in the High Street, and it specialises in fine, award-winning seafood dishes.

Dalrymple House is one of the oldest hotels in Scotland, dating back to 1579. It has the ideal setting, perched on the banks of the River Ness. There are several historic attractions in the area and it is perfect for a weekend away with friends and family.

The Moray, an award-winning pub in Inverness, is a good place for a meal or a drink. It has a unique menu, where you can choose from dishes such as mussels, fresh salmon and Scottish black pudding.

The Inverness Bar &, Grill is the best place to go for a meal or a drink in the area. Its location, a stone’s throw away from the river, makes for an ideal setting. There are also plenty of pubs in the city centre, which are perfect for a drink.

The Skye Bakery in Inverness sells some of the best scones and cakes in the world. It’s renowned for its delicate desserts that are baked to perfection. The cakes and scones are made with organic ingredients. You can find the bakery in the High Street of the city.

The Kew Café is another great place to go for a bite to eat. They specialise in light, healthy meals and dishes, which are all carefully prepared. The café’s owners also host cooking classes. The atmosphere in the café is very pleasant, making it a great place for a meeting.

The Inverness Museum and Art Gallery features artefacts from the prehistoric age to the Industrial Revolution. The museum has two floors that showcase works of art and exhibits. It also has a theatre and a number of rooms with artefacts that you can visit and see at your leisure.

The Caledonian Hunt and the Highland Hunters Museum are both located in Inverness. The Hunt was formed in the 15th century, in order to keep a number of animals on Inverness for hunting purposes. The Museum is designed to tell the history of the Highland Hunters.

There are several galleries to visit in the city. A number of galleries have exhibitions every month, showing some of the best arts and crafts and pntings that are produced by the Highland artists.

The Inverness Castle was built by William the Lion in the 12th century. It’s an iconic building in Inverness. The castle is now a tourist attraction in the city, with plenty of information about the origins and history of the building.

The Inverness Cathedral is a Gothic-style church. It was designed by the master architect James Smith, who was responsible for building the St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. He also designed Edinburgh Castle and designed the Palace of Westminster.

There is a number of churches in Inverness to choose from. The city is home to a number of churches that are worth visiting. Among them are:


St. Bride’s Parish Church,


St. Andrews Parish Church,


St. Patrick’s Cathedral,


St. Nicholas’ Church,


St. James Parish Church,

The Inverness Museum is a museum located in the city. The museum tells the stories of the city’s history. It is housed in a building that was originally a bank. The museum is a popular attraction in the city. It exhibits a number of artefacts related to the local history and history of Inverness. There are also several exhibitions held in the museum each month.

Caledonian Stadium is a sports stadium in Inverness. It’s one of the best stadiums in the Highlands. It’s a football stadium that can hold 15,000 people. It’s one of the top football stadiums in the country, when it comes to capacity. It can also host the Highland games and other major sport events.

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